May is skin cancer awareness month

As May is skin cancer awareness month it is a great place to kick off this blog. The skin care products we offer in the office are super. We have tried many products over the years— with several family members acting as kind experimental “guinea pigs” for new concoctions!  We have chosen to offer Alyria skin care in the office. Their products are wonderful for sensitive skin. Patients appreciate that this Canadian brand is non-perfumed, non- greasy and has a wide range of products available. But— the most important of all the skin regimens we suggest is sun protection! Not only will it really minimize those wrinkles —- it essential for skin cancer prevention.
A huge part of my practice in the non- cosmetic field is treating skin cancer. The use of sunscreen, sun protection (a hat!), and examining your skin is so important! I am a sailor so I appreciate a great day outdoors—but I also realize that skin cancer is highly preventable by taking some precautions. When I return from a trip to the British Virgin Islands every winter I should be almost as pale as when I left a terrible Toronto winter!
“Everyone, regardless of skin color, should make staying safe in the sun a priority and incorporate sun protection measures into their daily life.” President of The Skin Cancer Foundation