COVID-19 New Office Guidelines

As the transition begins to figuring out the new “normal” please see the guidelines our clinic has in place to keep you safe: 📞💻Appointments: We will be booking necessary in office consultations. Access to the office will be by appointment … Read More


When they say time flies they are not kidding. It is hard to imagine that I am now celebrating twenty years of working at the Brampton hospital. The hospital granted me privileges right out of residency and I declined my … Read More

Cut the Waiting Time!

The referral process can be a frustrating one, especially in a long standing medical journey. Being referred to a specialist in general usually involves a wait of some sort. To make the process easier and be prepared to make an … Read More

3rd Annual Global Aesthetics Conference 2019

October 31st- November 3rd I was able to attend The 3rd Annual Global Aesthetics Conference in Miami Florida. I don’t often travel, and this was such a great trip and opportunity. Miami was absolutely beautiful and such a lively place … Read More

Understanding Skin 101

Upon carrying new skincare products came the need for new knowledge. In conclusion to the extensive webinars, articles and even self trials I can say that I have finally come to a basic conclusion: there is one condition to blame … Read More

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month!

May is skin cancer awareness month… particularly melanoma. Skin cancer is the most common diagnosed cancer in Canada , and also fortunately also one of the most preventable. In my practice the bulk of my non-cosmetic practice is skin cancer. … Read More

Celebrating 50 years of Nursing

A big shout out to a legend in nursing at William Osler. Our hospital system has an abundance of amazing nurses. Jill Fletcher started working as a teen at the hospital in Brampton and ended her incredible career as resource … Read More

McGill Graduate Networking 2019

It was a great evening spent networking with other female McGill medicine graduates . I am class of 1995! Dr Marla Shapiro was particularly charming, intelligent and approachable And the distinguished Dr Heather Munroe- Blum , former principal of McGill … Read More

British Plastic Surgery Conference

It is always interesting to attend an overseas meeting. This British plastic surgery conference had a great representation of surgeons in training presenting which I always enjoy: it keeps things fresh and inquisitive. On the other side of the coin … Read More

All Female OR Team!

It is not always that we have an all female team in the OR but when we do it is lots of fun! We enjoy our work, each other, and looking after our patients as if they were our own … Read More

Why a plastic surgeon?

Today I was in the office and saw a couple of patients who had surgery elsewhere. I see several second opinions per month. Complications can happen with any surgery. But the key to a happy patient is a well informed … Read More

Breast Augmentation Surgery

This seems to have been a busy month to see women for breast augmentation! I suppose weddings and bathing suits are upon us and we like to look our best! The key for this surgery is to really participate in … Read More

Feel Good Surgery

The other day I worked with a talented female gynaecologist on a patient. This lovely lady patient had a hysterectomy as well as a tummy tuck. She is a very attractive lady before her surgery so naturally she looks even … Read More

May is skin cancer awareness month

As May is skin cancer awareness month it is a great place to kick off this blog. The skin care products we offer in the office are super. We have tried many products over the years— with several family members … Read More


Botox. I have a lovely lady patient that sees me for botox every few months. She did not like those frown lines! She ALWAYS sees me before her in- law’s visit. She laughs and says: ” I should have done … Read More

Enhancing your life

This spring I have had several patients come back to me for issues not related to the original plastic surgery I had performed on them long ago. It is certainly a pleasure to see them and to catch up on … Read More