Why a plastic surgeon?

Today I was in the office and saw a couple of patients who had surgery elsewhere. I see several second opinions per month. Complications can happen with any surgery. But the key to a happy patient is a well informed … Read More

Breast Augmentation Surgery

This seems to have been a busy month to see women for breast augmentation! I suppose weddings and bathing suits are upon us and we like to look our best! The key for this surgery is to really participate in … Read More

Feel Good Surgery

The other day I worked with a talented female gynaecologist on a patient. This lovely lady patient had a hysterectomy as well as a tummy tuck. She is a very attractive lady before her surgery so naturally she looks even … Read More


Botox. I have a lovely lady patient that sees me for botox every few months. She did not like those frown lines! She ALWAYS sees me before her in- law’s visit. She laughs and says: ” I should have done … Read More

Enhancing your life

This spring I have had several patients come back to me for issues not related to the original plastic surgery I had performed on them long ago. It is certainly a pleasure to see them and to catch up on … Read More

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