Vivier: “The Beauty of Results”

Beauty is more than skin deep. We believe that our skin – and how we feel in that skin – affects our confidence, our well-being and our perception of ourselves. The better our skin looks, the more confident we become and the more beautiful we feel.

When Vivier consumers discover the difference our skin care solutions provide, they experience a physical and emotional transformation. This is the catalyst that inspires our passion to improve lives through better skin care. Our products are developed with a single goal – to empower our consumers to look and feel their best.

Medical Grade skin care product that is only carried exclusively by medical professionals. These products are only sold in office.

Alyria: Alyria skin care products are now being offered in our office.

Alyria is a Canadian company which supplies advanced skin care products to improve skin tone and texture and noticeably reduce fine lines and even some wrinkles.

The most popular products which use glycolic acid to produce a smoother and more radiant skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines. This line of prestige skin products is available exclusively through physician’s offices. At the office we can recommend a daily skin care regimen for you.