Breast Reconstruction, what is it?

Thanks to plastic surgery advances in recent years, a breast that has been surgically removed can now be reconstructed using different methods. The new breast can closely resemble the breast that was removed.

Most women undergo breast reconstruction after a mastectomy has already been performed though breast reconstruction can take place even years after the initial cancer surgery.

Sometimes it is possible to coordinate the reconstruction immediately. For example, after the cancer surgeon removes the breast, during the same surgery, Dr. Haywood then reconstructs the missing breast. Breast reconstruction and mastectomy can be performed during the same surgery only if it does not compromise future breast cancer treatments.

How is this done?

A breast can be reconstructed using one’s own tissue, or using foreign tissue such as an implant. A history of radiation, body shape and previous abdominal surgery are the most important considerations in deciding on the type of reconstruction.

The web site and are fantastic websites which Dr. Haywood strongly supports and advises you visit. This website was developed by a University of Toronto student with the Department of Plastic Surgery to provide information for women considering Breast Reconstruction.

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As each situation and case is different this will require a consultation with Dr. Haywood to discuss any other specifics or answer any other questions.

It is very important that you feel comfortable with your surgeon and make sure you have asked all the questions you can to ensure you are ready to begin this part of your journey.

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